Letter to the Editor: Corrupting the ‘great experiment’

A Mad Dog reminds us of why America is fragile, from the moment our forefathers started this “great experiment”; this “Republic” that Franklin cautioned us we could forfeit, (a Republic “if we can keep it”)

This is the message Retired Marine Corps Gen. “Mad Dog” Mattis repeated many times; “This government is an experiment.”

Can people govern themselves or must we continue the history of civilization, which made warfare and “Royal Power” the only way each government passes from generation to generation. Can a free society continue to peacefully transition from one generation to the next?

The cornerstone of this experiment is a free election which divides representatives, senators and a president into a counter-balanced blending of leadership. The real strength of which is their roots in “free elections” and a system of equal and balanced power sharing.

That election process is the most vital link in how this attempt at democracy works and how we survive as a free nation.

The current efforts to use foreign interference to threaten and attack individuals is corrupting our election process. The influence of internet -driven misinformation which all too often comes from unproven sources is chipping away at our need for well-informed voter participation in the process.

The act of trying to corrupt the free election process by blackmailing anyone, particularly through foreign entities is an attack on our basic constitutional system. It is tearing away at Franklin’s worry that, we cannot keep this Republic intact. We must all vote, we must all attempt to learn the truth about candidates. We must all believe in this great experiment that the “Mad Dog” spent a lifetime protecting.

Peter Couming

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