LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Counter Republican silence

The president of the United States

• Calls Democrats an “angry left-wing mob.”

• Praises a congressman who body slammed a reporter. [“Any guy who can do a body slam, he’s my kind of guy.”]

• Frequently refers to the press as the “enemy of the people.”

• Attacks the media on the very day that the news of the 10 pipe bombs is reported. [“The anger we see today in our society on the purposely false and inaccurate reporting of the mainstream media that i refer to as fake news.”]

How long are Republican leaders in Delaware and throughout this country going to remain silent while the president continues to use rhetoric that encourages violence and hatred?

Where are the Republicans with the courage to challenge his blatant lies? [“We’re going to be putting in a 10 percent tax cut for middle-income families next week…We’ve been working on it for a few months.”]

Where is the outrage among Republicans when he calls himself a “nationalist” or asks a bi-partisan group of senators, “Why are we having all these people from s***hole countries come here?”

President Trump is the standard bearer of the Republican Party. If elected officials and candidates do not speak out against his reckless behavior, incendiary remarks and willful disregard of the truth we have to assume they share his values, or they don’t have the courage to speak out.

By crisscrossing the country campaigning for Republican candidates, the president has put himself on the Nov. 6 ballot. It is up to us, the voters, to counter the silence of the Republicans who will not speak out against the bully in the White House. Our vote is our voice.

Joanne Cabry
Rehoboth Beach

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