LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Credit Carper in beach replenishment

Delaware’s tourism economy has, in a major part, our beautiful beaches to thank. Not only are the beaches beautiful, but they act as an important economic engine, supporting largely a vibrant, small business community.

If you’ve visited our coastal communities more recently, you’ve likely noticed wider, replenished beaches with stronger built-up dunes to help to protect our beaches, homes and towns.

Work began at the beginning of the summer to strengthen our beaches. Prior to this work, major storms had cut into the dunes, destroying recreational space, and more importantly, putting our homes and businesses at risk.

I am extremely grateful to Senator Tom Carper for spearheading the effort among our congressional delegation to fund the preservation of our beaches.

Our taxpayer dollars are being put to good use, since our beaches support 18,000 jobs and a $3.3 billion tourism industry in our state. Thanks to preservation efforts, our family and many others can look forward to enjoying our beaches for many years to come.

Sarah Noonan Davis
Bethany Beach

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