Letter to the Editor: Crisis misinformation

I am gravely disappointed in Mr. Daniels’ politically charged rhetoric (Commentary, “Democrats riding ‘fast train to socialism.’”). He is doing exactly what he charges the Democrats, the Associated Press and the mainstream media of doing: biased presentation. Yet in his commentary he has no supporting facts. What does “progressive, read socialist” mean, other than a smear tactic meant to incite more damaging rhetoric?

There is “a tragedy happening at our border” but it is certainly not “current”. The administration’s own statistics demonstrates diminished immigration month over month, year over year at the southern border.

Our Congress has served us poorly on immigration, but it is certainly not a national emergency nor worthy of a shutdown. This country has many serious issues to work out.

Mr. Daniels is concerned about the media being “openly contentious of the president”. I would like to see his facts. When we have a president who repeatedly lies, I have a hard time worrying about the press. I, like Mr. Daniels, can think for myself.

Robert McKennett

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