Letter to the Editor: Cummings isn’t the one who should go

Mr. Smiga, I read your letter to the editor in the DSN July 31. (“Maybe it’s time for Cummings to go.”)

I don’t know you as a person but that was the poorest choice of wording that would come out of any adult’s mouth, more or less be printed. There is only one demographic group in America who has had to put up with these racist/racial comments and it seems to keep coming from one group in particular.

I watched the oversight committee meeting on CSPAN. Mr. Cummings wasn’t the only one grilling Mr. McAleenan, about the conditions at our border considering he is the acting secretary and has not be been appointed yet by our POTUS. Mr. McAleenan came from Customs & Border Patrol.

He is only following the policies set down by Trump and the attorney general. This humanitarian crisis would not be going on if that border wall nonsense would go away and smarter thinking applied, which Trump lacks. He is a loose cannon that needs to have the firing mechanism removed and concrete poured down the barrel.

Mr. Cummings has been re-elected a total of 11 times, so what does that tell you about his track record? Anyone who runs for a public seat in any community will usually end up inheriting bad aspects of it. The only reason Trump is mouthing off because Cummings has all the open investigations on him and his family.

As far as I am concerned, our current POTUS has stained the office of the president with his antics and bad behavior. Come 2020 let’s rid ourselves of this menace.

Lonnie Brewer

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