LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Davies for Delaware state auditor

I write this letter in support of Kathleen Davies for Delaware State Auditor. Kathleen is the only candidate with experience in the field of state auditing — 25 years of experience.

That includes six years as second-in-command in the State Auditor’s office and many years in management. She has earned and maintained many credentials over the years, served on national committees and workgroups, and trained auditing staff nationally.

Kathleen is serious about preventing fraud and waste through transparency, training, and good government. She is also serious about finding and eliminating fraud and waste. In some cases, her work has led to criminal prosecution and prison sentences.

Kathleen has a long history of independence and integrity, and is dedicated to the highest ethical standards. She has never allowed political or personal considerations to impact her work or audit findings. She has taken difficult stands against corruption and the mismanagement of taxpayer money.

She is serious about serving Delaware’s taxpayers.

We’ve had the same state auditor for 29 years. Kathleen Davies has the experience, independence, and integrity this vital office needs.

I urge you to research the candidates for yourself. I’m confident you will support Kathleen Davies as enthusiastically as I do!

Rebecca Cotto

EDITOR’S NOTE: Kathleen Davies of Dover is running for the office of state auditor as a Democrat.

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