Letter to the Editor: DE Turf needs evaluation

Before any additional money is given to DE Turf, there needs to be an independent evaluation of all the assumptions upon which the DE Turf is based.

If, within a few years, the tournament sponsor fees can go up to $150,000, then why not up to $400,000 by 2021? DE Turf is on the wrong end of the food chain! Eventually you may likely have to offer your venue at little or no cost to meet the rising competition. Maybe the venue is a “loss leader” totally supported by Kent County and the city of Dover but attracts $30 million a year. We need to know the truth!

Is DE Turf really a dynamic economic development engine? If we look at the last two years of DE Turf operation as a “proof of concept”, then where is the data detailing the $30 million of its annual impact? The hotel owners at the forum did not sound enthusiastic over all the new money.

Finally, this whole effort has badly damaged the reputation of DE Turf. Most troubling is how a board member with insider information is actively involving himself in real estate deals on the edge of the property that solely benefit his interest. Only a fool would believe that the Paradee brothers don’t talk. DE Turf needs to be an economic development engine for Kent County and not just the Paradee family!

Thomas Pledgie

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