Letter to the Editor: Decline of the Oval Office

Mr. Carreau, I read your commentary DSN July 7. (“The steady decline of our nation’s republic”)

Look what we have seen the past three years in the White House — an investigation, multiple firings, resignations, all the books written by former staff members. As I read another newspaper’s editorial section, one gentleman said “This president (Or as I call him the skunk in the WH) has more stuff swirling around him than what you see in the average home’s toilet minus the children’s toys.”

He has behaved no better than a king during the dark ages. The only reason the Dems are behaving the way they are is no one in the Republican party has admonished him for his antics and bad behavior, and when they do, he just ignores them claming to be the “CEO of the executive branch.”

How can you say that our former president (Obama) ruled by fiat and complained when the Republicans behaved no better than the Khan (Genghis or Kublai)? Look what was foisted upon him, a recession that had been predicted for years, two wars with no exit strategy.

Let’s look at the number between Trump and Obama. Trump made 76 campaign promises. Even in his top five promises, only one has been done. Trump has so far kept 8.8% of his campaign promises. He has compromised on 6.9% of his promises, 34.2% of his promises are “stalled.” A further 45.1% remain “ in the works”. And so far, Trump has definitively broken 6.9% of his campaign promises. Obama kept 48.4% of his promises, He compromised on 27.4% of them and he broke 24.2% of them.

What we have seen so far is nothing more than chaos theory being applied. Come 2020, let’s rid ourselves of the skunk.

Lonnie Brewer

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