LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Delaware correctional officers deserve better

I am so tired of seeing the news share the “woe is me” articles from those protesting the prison system for the offenders. I read four articles online this morning protesting in this “woe is me” fashion, and none about the professionals laying their lives on the line to protect the Delaware communities from the criminals.

The only thing this is going to accomplish is a lack of professionals willing to do this dangerous job, because they don’t feel appreciated. They will either quit or not apply! Who will protect the state from them then? Who will take care of the offenders then?

Is the prison system perfect? No! Get behind the corrections officers and support them! Why are we not seeing articles on how the officers, like my husband, are going into work every day unarmed and unprotected from some offenders who are known to be extremely violent and dangerous?! I know, from my point of view, that I was nervous for my husband to go to work before this attack happened and Lt. Floyd was killed. Can you imagine my level of concern now?!

At any given moment, anything could happen, and I fear that I’m going to get a phone call saying something happened to him. That fear is so much worse now! Who would come explain how my husband was attacked to our four children? Yes, I know he signed on the dotted line to do this job, but to work in these conditions? He deserves better! Not just the inmates!

Yes, he could quit or retire, but what good would that do, and he won’t leave his “brothers and sisters” behind! Why are we only seeing negative posts from offenders and those who have family or friends inside?! Do you not realize they’re there for a reason? Don’t commit the crime, and you won’t have to be behind bars. It’s not supposed to be fun and games!

Arizona’s prison system is far worse than Delaware’s! Do the research! I never know if my husband is coming home when he’s supposed to, or if they’re making him stay late with no choice! I was laid up in a hospital bed just yesterday and got a message from him saying he was frozen … so, there I lay, by myself, waiting for him to eventually get there, when he should have been there from the beginning! They are over-worked and, by my opinion, underpaid for (what) they have to deal with!

Everyone has an opinion. This just happens to be mine. For those working alongside of my personal hero, thank you. Seriously, thank you.

Brooke Warren

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