LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Delaware legislators should uphold oath to Constitution

The following is an open letter to Delaware legislators:

I am a registered voter in Senate District 7/House District 19. While I have previously expressed my thoughts regarding the plethora of “common sense” solutions proposed in an attempt to dissuade future occurrences of violent crimes committed with firearms, I have addressed only my elected officials. The persistent efforts of legislators to pursue unconstitutional avenues suggests that I broaden my reach.

First, let me say that I applaud your willingness to serve your fellow citizens. Your commitment, no doubt, frequently dictates a selfless investment in our future. That being said, I believe it is important to note that this sort of public service is not for everyone. Tumultuous times can test the mettle of the most ardent of patriots.

To those of you who have honored your oath and stood tall in defense of the very precepts which built this great nation, I commend you for your steadfast integrity and stewardship. You may stop reading here and know you are prized among your people. If this does not apply to you, please consider the following:

I am astounded anew with each additional bill that attempts to secure a safer environment for American citizens through violating the constitutional rights of American citizens. I am growing weary of the constant television commercials featuring politicians who vow to “fight the NRA” and “stand up to Trump.” I am nauseated with the parroting of “common sense” used in conjunction with each fresh attack on the Second Amendment.

I implore you to stop the playground bickering and finger pointing commonly displayed by grade school children and come together as Americans to do your job while honoring your oath to our Constitution!

If it is your contention that shootings are a problem, address the shooters. If you are convinced that schools should be safer, take steps to fortify them. If you would have us believe that the answer to violent crimes committed with firearms is to violate the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens, tender your resignation letters and relinquish your office to someone more capable of serving our republic and the citizens who inherited, by birth or naturalization, inalienable rights bestowed upon them by a gracious creator and secured for them by forefathers who, through experience, had the foresight to safeguard future generations against the misdeeds of an errant government.

To suggest that restricting the rights of law-abiding citizens will somehow inspire criminals to cease illegal activity is absurd. If you insist that certain weapons pose a threat to a peaceful society, please note that we are entitled to defend ourselves in an efficient manner with such weapons as could be used against us in an attempt to deprive us of our lives, liberty, or property.

Efforts to persuade us otherwise are treasonous in spirit and will, in effect, render us victim to the whims of society’s criminal element and the overreach of an abusive government. The NRA and Trump are not the problem. Patriotic Americans are unifying in the interest of preserving our heritage. Trump is evidence that the stagnation of status quo politics will no longer suffice.

If your ideation suggests that the United States should comply with policies implemented by foreigners, plan your next campaign for an office on foreign soil. We are America! We are the benchmark of excellence by which others measure their success! My sincerest hope for our partisan politicians is that you will measure up or move on!

Tom Gardner

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