LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Delaware must not be a sanctuary state

I read the [letter to the editor] of Feb. 28, “Delaware a safe haven for all,” with interest. The author identifies herself as the chairwoman, Progressive Democrats of Sussex County. In reality, she offers nothing more than an extenuation of the eight years of Obama’s socialism. The flowery language used to describe what she demands, and the heart-tugging methodology in which it is presented, make one wonder if she has any understanding or knowledge of financial literacy, or what her politics mean to our democratic republic.

Obama saw himself as a man of the world, and envisioned the United States as a mirror image of the European Union: Huge government organizations, designed to implement policies for the “good of all,” without thinking or caring about the individuals involved. Obama and his progressives would have us open our borders, provide health care for all, educate everyone at no cost, allow anyone to vote, and in general, develop a government that would take care of all of an individual’s needs.

Think about it: under the progressive concept, you’d never have to be responsible for anything, as the government would take care of you 24/7. That philosophy flies in the face of why we even had the Revolution. Do these people really understand what they are proposing? Where does government collect the funds to enact those types of programs? What happens to individual responsibility? Who decides where one lives; the size of your home; or where you are educated? The list could go on forever. Remember one simple thing: if the government takes care of you, what is your responsibility in life?

We’ve already had a number of generations raised on the idea that participation deserves a trophy. Never mind winning or learning how to better oneself; just participate, and it’s OK. Now, we have an individual identifying herself as a progressive, read, “socialist,” who would take Obama’s thought process to the next level. NO.

Making Delaware a sanctuary state is wrong. Our newly elected congressional representative, now a member of the New Castle County good-old-boy network, championed making Delaware a sanctuary state during her campaign. Why? I suspect it was and is a Democratic plan to have her lobby the representatives and senators of our state Legislature to push her (read, “their”) agenda. Since being elected, what has she done for the State of Delaware?

The socialism being pushed by the Democratic Party — there is no such thing as “progressivism” — is a movement toward totalitarianism is this country. Paraphrasing one of the most telling comments ever made by Obama, “Remember, I am the president, not the king.”

Progressives believe in giving everything away, taking away personal responsibility, and believing that government will solve all of our problems. Our elite politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, caused the problems we now face with illegal immigrants because they, the illegals, were economically necessary. Now, what do we do? The elite politicians of this country and state will do their best to wring their hands of the problem they’ve created; however, it’s come to a boiling point, and now, the hard decisions, something politicians abhor, will have to made. The question is, will they have the intestinal fortitude to make them?

To Ms. Cabry, and anyone in this state that supports the concept of a sanctuary state, how would you explain, should it occur, the murder of an innocent Delawarean by one of the people you are trying to protect? That blood would be on your hands.

Frank Daniels
Retired U.S. Army Reserve colonel

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