LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Delaware must not be a sanctuary state

Recently, I was alarmed by the sanctuary state remarks from Democratic candidate Lisa Blunt Rochester. [“Reigle blasts Blunt Rochester for supporting ‘sanctuary state,’” article, Oct. 13], I’m very concerned and I strongly oppose her comments suggesting Delaware become a sanctuary state. Her remarks are evidence that the Democratic Party is no longer working to preserve America. Rather, that party has become a full-blown globalist party run by [a] handful of elitists.

Ms. Rochester, along with many other Democratic members, wants to make Delaware a sanctuary state. Many Democrats would rather have criminals living in our state and protect those illegal immigrants from our laws!

Yet, Ms. Rochester and numerous Democrats [would] rather protect these people who broke and break our laws and place Delaware’s legal citizens in [the way of] direct harm while doing so.

Citizens of Delaware cannot allow this to happen if they value their quality of life and their way of life.

Ms. Rochester appears to have little regard for the legal citizens of Delaware and even condones illegals’ breaking of our laws while living in our state. Apparently, the unintended consequences of a sanctuary state or cities, and the associated cost that falls on legal citizens and governments, is not considered. Now, if the Democrats want to give a double standard of life for illegals, then, why not allow all legal citizens equal protection from our laws and equal and free benefits as given the illegals?

Delawareans, and all Americans, need to stop the flood of illegal immigration, close down any current sanctuary cities and stop the forced federal government mandate for all states to accept refugees without vetting them. America cannot handle [an] endless flow of illegal immigrants and refugees.

We, the legal citizens, need to strongly protect our borders and require our government to investigate anyone wishing to come into America if they come from a country that has terrorist activity.

Hillary Clinton wants open borders like the EU nations have done, and now, those nations are having security issues because of open borders. People like Ms. Rochester and Hillary Clinton are not concerned about the legal citizens of America. All they want is to allow millions of illegal immigrants to enter the U.S.A. and stay here permanently without following our current laws for becoming a citizen.

The Democratic Party is pushing this policy only to secure more votes in future elections in order to secure total control of America. Big corporations want illegals for cheaper labor.

Why should America and Delaware allow people from other countries to waltz into our country/state and get fast-tracked to government benefits like Social Security, food stamps, free housing, free medical [insurance, or care] and cash assistance and more? Wow a great incentive for those who broke and break out laws, while millions of legal Americans suffer and struggle every day to make ends meet!

Unless we stop the immigration pollution in our country, legal citizens will become the minority and be left with a lost nation. Everything the Democrats do and have done is solely for them to take complete control of this county: form the globalist New World Order, rewrite our Constitution, take away more of our freedoms, increase spending, supply big corporations with incentives to hire illegal immigrants.

This philosophy will continue to place this country in dire financial and social straits. We cannot trust Democratic plans because they will not benefit us.

The majority of illegal immigrants will not adapt to our way of life. They will slowly change our lives by making us adapt to their culture. This is already happening in many schools, where they no longer play the national anthem for sporting events because it is deemed offensive. Our Founding Fathers fought and died for this country, and now, some elected officials simply want to disregard that by rewriting our Constitution and erasing facts from school history books.

Our schools are teaching Spanish, Chinese. What’s next — Arabic and the teaching of cultures from other lands to our American children? Let’s start with teaching our American history to everyone first.

Anyone who comes to America must learn our language, our laws, our ways and our culture. America is about to be lost forever if the Democratic global N.W.O program continues.

The Democratic plan to allow other cultures to take over America’s culture has to be stopped on Election Day. These people want [to] break America’s back. I urge people to vote Republican and only Republican on 11-08-16. Because of what I see the national Democratic Party has been doing, their lies, deception, “pay to play” and running a shadow government, I no longer trust this party at any level.

The N.W.O Democratic Globalist Party will recruit more members from local state-elected positions from each state to help protect the Democratic Motherland of Hillary.

Democrats must be stopped on Election Day; otherwise, your way of life will disappear if you allow them to get in office or stay in office.

So, Ms. Lisa Blunt Rochester and other Democrat members who [do] not place we, the legal people of America, first must be replaced from office and must not be elected for any office. In my opinion, these Democrats are not the right choice for Delaware.

Hillary Clinton is the wrong and worst candidate for president of U.S.A. She lied under oath to Congress, deleted 33K emails, and more. Citizens of Delaware need Republicans in office to protect our way of life.

We need a strong and true leader for president of the United States. That is why I’m voting for Donald Trump, and I urge others to do the same.

Boyd White

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