Letter to the Editor: Delaware should adopt the National Popular Vote

Lorraine Goede’s commentary against Delaware’s adoption of the National Popular Vote compact is a big mistake. It is in the national interest that all our country’s elected officials be chosen by the people. This should include the presidency itself. He or she should be the person who receives the most popular votes; not the person chosen by an outdated and error-prone Electoral College.

The Founding Fathers were great leaders, but they were not without flaws. The original version of the Constitution reflected many of them. It continued slavery, which meant African Americans had no right to vote, in many cases until the 1960s.

It gave Southern states a census boost, allowing them to count three-fifths of these non-voting slaves in there population count to wrongfully boost their electoral votes. No women could vote, frequently until 1920.

The National Popular Vote compact would mean the person who receives the most popular votes, Republican or Democrat, gets to be president. Nothing could be fairer than that.

Under today’s backwards Electoral College system, Wyoming, our least populated state, gets one elector for every 170,000 people. California, the most populous state, gets one for every 700,000. This is grossly unfair, and is not democracy.

Ervin Schleifer

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