Letter to the Editor: Delaware’s foundations need to do more

This year’s “Do More In 24” raised $93,000 through the efforts of around 50 nonprofits over the course of 24 hours. However, that amount pales in comparison to the $10 million raised in Lancaster, $4.45 million raised in Erie, and $3 million raised in York. Pottstown’s “Amazing Raise” generated over $300,000 for a small geographic area with about one-sixth the population of Delaware. All of these areas serve fewer people than the entirety of our state yet all raised significantly more money.

It’s unfortunate our great charitable foundations in Delaware do little to help lift the donations made with “Do More in 24”. Elsewhere, an array of corporate and foundation support provides a match pool or operational support to ensure nonprofits get greater impact out of their raised monies. Delaware’s effort has limited incentives by comparison beyond that of a few corporate partners.

As a former nonprofit leader and current board member, I know many nonprofits squeeze every last penny to serve their mission as foundations and donors require partnerships simply to receive vital donated funds. The Delaware nonprofit community can help achieve greater giving impact statewide through Days of Giving and the examples outlined above make that case.

Delaware’s philanthropic community should practice what they preach and expect from other nonprofits by lending greater support and partnership to “Do More In 24”. I am willing to help them in those efforts if they are willing to help nonprofits as well.

Tom Thunstrom

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