Once again more delay tactics by the Democrats. Sen. Flake was fooled by Sen. Chris Coons and the rest of the Democrats.
This investigation is not up to the FBI but the Senate committee and they found no credible evidence, just hearsay. After numerous pages of info earlier, FBI info, a total lack of evidence, proof, no charges filed no police records, no valid witnesses. The Dems have nothing.

Their action is simply a retaliatory move because Merrick Garland was not nominated to the Supreme Court. Democrats, including Sen. Coons, are pushing false info to the public solely to attack President Trump and anyone connected with Trump.

Senator Booker was involved with a sexual assault when he was 15. Sen. Tom Carper struck his ex-wife back in late 1980s.

By today’s Democratic standards for disqualifying an appointee or elected official both Booker and Carper must resign now.

As for Sen. Chris Coons, he’s another congressional problem.

Billy Ranger

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