Letter to the Editor: Democratic debates

When I saw the line of podiums at the recent Democrats debates, I was optimistic. That does not mean I am pleased with how they played out. In fact, I was angry. Here we had an outstanding combination of ideas and brainpower. Imagine a White House staff that really knew about finance, employment, environmental issues, agriculture and infrastructure needs. What a great group for any president to pick from to staff his or her West Wing team.

We have witnessed our leader having a constant problem staffing the White House and the Cabinet; yet, at the “debates” we saw a tremendous source of potential assistance for the next presidential team. The anger I felt about the “food fight” quickly changed to optimism. Just imagine a “team” around a new president with expertise and a passionate desire to serve our country. The presidency should be a joint effort with the best and brightest support around a decent honest leader. I cannot predict who the “leader” will be, but I have confidence the talent will be there to make a new presidential team successful.

Peter Couming


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