Letter to the Editor: Democrats are not the problem

Mr. Harrington I read your letter (DSN March 29 “Government can get back to work”). How can you call the Muller investigation a sideshow?. There are 30-plus people facing down multiple federal charges, one already in jail (Manafort), one about to go (Cohen), and there is no telling who else will join them.

There was no loss of jobs or economy when the investigation was ongoing

The only problem is our current POTUS. I remember a famous quote from the movie “Apocalypse Now” (Walter Kurtz), “How can the assassins accuse the assassin”. Look how the Republicans behaved when Obama was in office, and more bad behavior during the Clinton e-mail investigation.

He has been the rock around the party’s neck and if they had any intelligence/sense (which it seems to lack) they should have dumped him after the “Hollywood Access” tape, but instead you chose to nominate him.

He has been nothing more than the largest nut in the bowl, a skunk in the White House with the worst aim. He doesn’t care who he sprays or hits.

Here your party had control of both houses and got nothing done and then lost one. The only thing we have seen of the Republicans when dealing with his bad behavior has been nothing more than duck and cover.

I, for one, am glad the Dems went on the offensive. There are those of us in this country that are tired of “just plain crazy”.

Lonnie Brewer

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