Letter to the Editor: Democrats’ end game

Our elections are becoming a joke. Suppose that the Ravens or Redskins didn’t like the results of the game where they lost by points in overtime, could they call for a recount, stating that someone didn’t count the score correctly? Possibly they didn’t have enough time?

What are we teaching the next generation? That if they don’t like the results of anything that they have the right to alter the facts to suit the results that they want? Imagine, playing baseball and you don’t like the fact that your team lost so, you raise questions about the score board not being accurate, not everyone actually touched the base at home plate and therefore we need to have a recount and a review of any and all tapes to see if anything was wrong and if we still don’t like the results then we want a new game played with our chosen umpires. What a way to run our government.

In Florida it seems that they have a tremendous amount of people who can’t read, can’t follow directions and are head of the election board. Imagine again that it was Republicans doing what they are doing in Florida. They would have been locked up on charges of fraud and breaking the law a long time ago.

The left can go into a closed room during the night where they can fill in forms, hide them some place to be found later (like one, two or even three weeks later) and say oh, these votes didn’t get counted. Every vote needs to be counted. This is the way the left does business.

What happened to, “We the people”?

John Gondeck
Denton, Md.

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