LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Democrats have a tough road ahead

Democrats have worked oh so hard for the past 18 months on one thing — getting Donald J Trump out of office, legally or illegally. Now, after giving it all they had, working night and day, sweating, cheating and lying, they looked up at the calendar!!! Uh oh, fall midterm elections are almost upon us.

If you’re a Democrat, it is a really scary time because you have nothing to show for your misguided, hard work. You have supported one thing, getting Trump out, and you failed. All the while trump was doing great things for me and my fellow Americans. Like lowering my taxes, getting the economy going again, more than doubling my gross receipts, jobs everywhere, making the world safer in Asia, if only for a minute, making Jerusalem the capital of Israel, opening up oil drilling in America and Alaska so that America is the No. 1 oil producer in the world…again, thereby decreasing our dependence on foreign markets which brings the price of gas down. Working people like cheap gas.

Making other countries respect us again and making those countries trade fairly with us, leaving the Iran nuclear deal so that Iran could not continue to support ISIS with American money, pretty much doing what he promised U.S. voters he would do.

America’s sprouting up again. Now you Dems, who have fought against this good for America every inch of the way, never giving POTUS even a little praise, now you want my vote so you can continue to take away my 2nd Amendment rights, go back to a bad economy for eight more years., force transgender in public schools down my kids’ throats. Who wants that?

I am here to tell you where you can get lots of votes. Just ask the people who you supported to vote for you. Well you voted for the Iran nuclear deal, ask the Iranians to vote for you. You Dems voted for Obamacare and that failed institution, which the Dems still mysteriously support. Ask Obamacare supporters to vote for you.

Dems support open borders and no wall. Ask the illegal immigrants like the MS 13 gang members to vote for you. Dems support socialism, ask the Communist party to vote for you. Dems don’t want you to own a gun, because they truly don’t believe in the United States constitution. Ask people who don’t support the United States of America’s Constitution to vote for you.

But don’t dare ask God-fearing, tax0paying, hard-working Americans to vote for you.

Coons, Carper, Carney and Lisa Rochester are outta touch.

Jay Pratt

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