LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Democrats have different meaning for compromise

It’s not as if I wasn’t expecting some amount of gloating from the rabid Democrats, but the recent letter from Mr. William Wilson is typical of the incessant mindless chatter we hear from the left. Why is always “vitriol and hateful language” when it comes from President Trump yet laudatory defense of our “democracy” when it comes from the likes of Chris Coons, Cory Booker and Kamala Harris?

The Blue Wave seems to have been a figment of Mr. Wilson’s imagination. It is a very rare occasion when the midterm elections don’t change the House of Congress and the minimal effect to the House with the gain in the Senate looks as if the undertow of truth made a ripple of this tidal wave of liberal socialism. Certainly for Republicans it had much less of an impact as it might have and with the continued control of the Senate, the House is basically neutered in what that can and can’t do. If that is cause for them to cheer, let’s get out the confetti.

I suppose if you live on the partisan main stream media stations you might agree with the summation of the invasion of illegal immigrants from Central and South America. Obviously is was a stunt financed by the multimillionaires like Soros, Steyer, and Bloomberg in a veiled attempt to affect the elections (I wonder if Mueller has them on his agenda since he’s frittered away 2 years with the Russians with no success).

Now that the election is over, the money went away and the migrants are left to their own means with no way home and no way into this country. It certainly was a political ploy, but one generated by the Democrats. If the President’s response to an invasion of tens of thousands of immigrants with a stated mission to crash our border while holding the flags of the countries they have been said to flee, what might you suggest: sending a welcome wagon and ignoring the protocol and the laws set by Congress on who may or may not enter our sovereign nation?

Mr. Wilson struck a tender nerve when he dragged the US Military into his little diatribe. The very last thing I want to hear from anyone who hasn’t served or has forgotten what it meant to serve is the pandering of the sympathy card by Democrats. American fighting men and women take an oath to defend America from all enemies, both FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. That oath never expires and they understand full well the concessions required of them. Regardless of the situation or the holiday, someone in uniform is always away from their families during this time of year. I spent nearly 30 years in wartime and peace and missed most of my children’s birthdays and about half the holidays being someplace other than where my heart was. Don’t you dare preach about us to satiate your agenda. It’s what we do and we understand the price. Where was this cascade of emotion before you found a cause at our southern borders?

Why did the Democrats vote against giving our troops a livable wage instead of demanding that entry level, common labor jobs get $15 an hour. The starting salary for enlistees is less than $20,000 a year and since they are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, that equates to about $2.30 cents an hour. A sergeant (E-5) will take home a whopping $28,000 a year while handling some of the most sophisticated equipment known to man and supervising a dozen subordinates. I tire quickly when liberals only use the military as pawns when it’s convenient to them.

And finally, Mr. Wilson ends his letter with a word foreign to every liberal politician: COMPROMISE. We’ve seen that word before but the meanings ascribed by Democrats are not familiar to us. We give and you take isn’t my idea of compromise. Yet the agenda of that far left has already stated their goals to eliminate the tax breaks President Trump gave America, increase taxes, open our borders, provide welfare and social benefits to illegal aliens, and impeach the President. Now tell me what could possibly go wrong with such a word like “compromise”.

George Roof


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