LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Democrats have nothing to offer except hate

When I saw the title “The blue wave of hope vs. despair” by Bill Clements on Oct. 9, my immediate reaction was “you have got to be kidding”. What exactly is the hope of the far left? To continue to harass, bully, and threaten conservatives?

Which party has pre-made signs ready to spew vulgar sayings and hateful messages, paid for by George Soros? Which party grabs signs from opposing marches, rips them up, and sometimes assaults those holding those signs? Which party shoots Republicans on ball fields because of their affiliation? Which party rips Trump hats from a teenager’s head and spits in their faces with insults? Who sets a truck on fire because of a Trump sticker?

Democratic Sen. Hirono tells old white men to shut up.

Democratic Sen. Maxine Waters encourages her followers to get in the faces of republicans and follow them into stores, restaurants and bathrooms.

And the Democrats must really be proud of former Attorney General Eric Holder saying, “When they go down, we kick them.” As well as Hillary Clinton declaring there is no civility when dealing with Republicans.

Wow, if that’s the “Party of Hope”, then count me out.

Prior to Brett Kavanaughs name being submitted for the Supreme Court, Schumer made the statement that they would fight with everything they had to oppose any Trump nominee.

They came close to destroying a good man during the congressional hearings. A woman came forward with sexual assault allegations from over 30 years ago.

The Democratic senators sat on those allegations, waiting until the 11th hour to disclose them. Democrats immediately believed her, giving Brett Kavanaugh no presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Thankfully, the FBI cleared his name due to a lack of evidence and denial from corroborating witnesses.

Of course, that doesn’t satisfy the Democratic Party who are already talking about impeachment.

And yet, these same Democratic senators turn a blind eye to people of their own party, like Rep. Ellison and Sens. Booker and Carper who have been accused of misconduct.

In closing, I know the Democratic party could have a lot to offer with the right leadership. I have good friends who are Democrats, as I was for many years, but I changed parties when I realized my views were not being represented. The party had gone so far left that I did not recognize it anymore.

So, Delaware, let’s shock the nation and send a message to the blue wave that violence and harassment will not be tolerated. Republicans are not the party of despair. We are inspired, hopeful, energized and will continue to protest with our voting, rather than violence.

President Trump, even though he is not perfect, is working endlessly to make our nation prosperous, respected and safe. My hope is that our country will continue to give him the support he needs to accomplish his task.

Meanwhile, I will continue to pray for him, and for our country.

God Bless America

Charlotte Moreland

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