LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Democrats promise more carnage after Kavanaugh battle

Judge Kavanaugh is now an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America. The war that preceded his confirmation has left the battlefield littered with carnage.

Unfortunately, the Democrats are not giving up and promise more carnage should they win either House in the mid-terms. Even with this significant loss, the Democrats are regrouping to continue their war on ridding Washington of the duly elected president of the United States. The Kavanaugh battle shows us one tentacle of the Democrats strategic plan to undermine the will of the American voter and press for the removal of, by absolutely any means necessary, President Trump. They clearly showed their hand during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. The question remains, will the American voter succumb to a bully for fear of being called any one of the “ist” names?

The strategy used by the Democrats to defeat Associate Justice Kavanaugh can be summed up in the words of Chris Coons, when he threw out the presumption of innocence. The fact that we were not in a court of law is immaterial. The basic tenet of our legal system is very simple — you are innocent until proven guilty. Not according to Chris. He is a former practicing attorney who threw out that tenet to appease the far left who have taken over the Democratic Party. I wonder how many Delawareans would hire Chris, knowing that he believes you will have to prove your innocence, to defend them in a sexual assault case. A lawyer is only as good as his words.

With respect to the original accusation, every case of this nature must be investigated. However, during the course of the investigation, the basic tenet of our legal system cannot and should not be ignored. I truly do not know what happened to Dr. Ford. She said she wanted anonymity, but instead, she was used as a pawn by the Democrats.

The ultimate continuation of our Democratic Republic, now more than ever, depends on the outcome of the mid-term elections. The Kavanaugh hearings were an attempt to eviscerate a qualified candidate merely on the words of an accusation. Even after a 7th FBI investigation, which found no creditable confirmation of Dr. Ford’s accusation, the Democrats still aren’t satisfied. The bottom line is that NOTHING would appease the Democrats. Their “no” votes were cast the second President Trump nominated Judge Kavanaugh. The stinging defeat of the Democrats highlights that the American voter will not be bullied by politicians who would gladly destroy our Democratic Republic for a pure democracy, sprinkled with a ton of socialism.

We have a choice in November. Continue the Democrats’ assault on our Democratic Republic, or vote to remove Democrats whom we have seen will go to absolutely any length to rid our country of its duly elected president. A vote for Rob Arlett will rid us of Tom Carper, who admittedly assaulted his first wife by slapping her during a heated argument. It should be noted that when accused while first running for Congress, he lied and denied!! Unfortunately, as we have a leaderless and incredibly weak state Republican Party, how do we vote for the House? Blunt-Rochester is nothing more than a puppet for the Boss Tweed machine of New Castle County and will vote as demanded by Nancy Pelosi.

I’ve written that politics is the dirtiest business in this country. The Kavanaugh hearing further solidified that feeling and saw our elected officials sink to a new low. I’ve asked myself a thousand times, why would an elected official, sworn to uphold the Constitution, grandstand and make statements that are absolutely absurd? I am not naïve and understand how politicians “play to the camera.” However, the absolute polarization they are fomenting with their constant beating of the same drum is tearing this country apart.

Former President Obama started this polarization. The American voter said enough, and elected Donald Trump. You may not like his methodology, but he is not Chris Coons, or Tom Carper. He is a business man who produces. That’s what terrifies the likes of Coons, Carper and all of the other Democrats, to include many Republicans, is that he believes in U.S., not the continuation of the Washington elite.

While this circus must end, I do not see it happening. Many of our politicians, on both sides of the aisle, want us to believe that their argument is the only moral one we should accept. Remember Chris’ words, the presumption of innocence is no longer the basic tenet of our legal system as it applies to an accused individual. Rather, if accused, you must prove that the allegation is false and allegations will then become a powerful, if not lethal, weapon.

Frank Daniels



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