LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Democrats skip debate

It appears Delaware Democrats think they’ve already won the Nov. 6, 2018, elections and they did not have to show up at the NAACP debate. Clearly, they believe it wasn’t necessary to meet and talk with their constituents, however, it was rude not to advise the Republican candidates and other attendees they did not intend to participate in the debate.

Let me remind my fellow voters of the serious issues that still confront Delaware residents: pollution of our land/water/air, non-performing public schools, rising taxes, unemployment, unavailable health care, etc. Delaware Democrats and the sponsors of the Dover NAACP debate should see the Delaware Democratic candidates no-show for what it is, a way to impugn the honor of the NAACP and a direct insult.

But then that’s what the Democrats are good at, disrespecting others. If the Democrats can’t be bothered to show up for a presentation sponsored by the voters to discuss current issues, we cannot depend on them to be responsible to voters when we have issues we need them to address.

Delaware voters must look back at the history of the Democrats and ask themselves if their lives have gotten better under Delaware Democrats or if voting Republican is a better choice.

Ginny Hall

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