LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Despite the contrary, the 2nd Amendment is safe

There you go again George.

Making stuff up and sticking to the NRA’s tired litany of deceit and distortion tighter than Donald Trump and his crowd size. Unfortunately lack of time and space limits the opportunity to refute the truck load of inanity you substituted for logic in (“Sensible gun restrictions akin to confiscation,” June 8).

Instead let’s take a step back and get some things straight about a friend of mine. In your first paragraph you put words in the mouth of that “slandering, socialist liberal,” Bill Clemens. Why you didn’t add that he’s also a communist, Nazi and godless Muslim alien as one Trump worshiper branded Barack Obama, all in one sentence. You might as well have labeled him an anarchist too. What next George, deportation?

In the next paragraph you apparently read his mind and discovered “his real intent: (is) gun confiscation.”

I have known Bill Clemens for nearly 36 years. He has never shown any intention of gun confiscation. He knows and accepts that it won’t happen. In fact Bill works hard to reform magazine capacity and so-called “bump stocks.” Then you claim “The utopia (he) espouses is actually found in China (and) North Korea…” Really? Actually George, that’s Donald Trump you’re talking about.

I am a gun owner and an infantry veteran. I am not an NRA member but have friends who are. The ones I know are unambiguously independent. Many do not agree with what the NRA says or does in their name.They are also fine, responsible people. My beef here is with NRA management and its “push it at all cost” agenda of big money and big lies at the expense of the American people.

Spoiler alert: No one is going to take our guns, George. The 2nd Amendment is safe. I’m not so sure about the 1st. It’s almost reassuring that your rehashing of NRA disinformation this time around is as deprived of coherent critical thought as ever. Your screed reads like talking points from an NRA convention but with less venom. I suppose I could give you credit for not blaming shooting victims for their own deaths or casting student activist survivors as paid actors or defending our broken system of background checks as more worthy of keeping intact than making it more difficult for terrorists and the mentally ill to buy guns–as senior NRA leadership and a mob of reactionary wing nuts have repeatedly said. But I won’t.

Trolling shooting victims and gun control reformers after mass murder doesn’t seem to me to be a reasonable or honorable thing to do. Many of these killers would have and should have been ineligible to buy the guns they used to mass murder.

Wayne LaPierre’s NRA has historically opposed any comprehensive background checks. They’re not foolproof but clearly present significantly tougher obstacles to arming the “bad guys,” in the name of the 2nd Amendment.

All military assault rifles since World War II have had automatic capability. Civilian semi AR15 rifles from the Stoner/Armalite tree are popular and widespread. It’s not realistic to ban semiautomatic versions despite the ease of conversion. I believe the moorings of well-conceived and effective gun control reform are anchored in better success in keeping guns away from real threats by adopting effectual screening. Eliminating existing systemic loopholes, better organizational communication and indexing of suspects, cracking down on rogue dealers and gun shows.

You said, “The NRA has never deviated from its intended mission.” Actually they have George. Since the NRA’s beginnings in the 19th century the mission of the group has been to promote and teach gun safety, marksmanship and the competent operation of firearms. Today’s NRA still does. But now those public service outreach programs act as marketing window dressing for the lucrative lobbying business it now is.

In the 1970s the original mission gradually gave way to raising money, lobbying, and deceitful PR. This shift in values began as the NRA started to hook up with gun manufacturers’ money and other big donors. Under LaPierre’s management since 1991, skyrocketing profits have made the NRA and him a feared lobbying juggernaut and a top money making special interest dynamo.

Finally George, exactly what does the opioid crisis or drunk driving have to do with gun control? And who are these “invading migrants (who) rob, rape, and murder but are still given unfettered protection,” and what does it have to do with the US immigration. So many questions, so little space.

Will Gillespie
Schwenksville, Pa.

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