LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Distortions of Socialism and its effects

In response to retired Col. Frank Daniels’ letter of Aug. 13, “Democratic Socialism dangerous to our way of life,” My first thought was Marie Antoinette! The late queen and wife of Louis XVI was not only notorious for being guillotined, but also for her statement, “Let them eat cake.” This was of course in reference to a total disregard for the welfare of the peasants revolting vs. royal rule.

Unfortunately, I see a familiar pattern, a constant barrage of propaganda appearing in letters to the editor. This misinformation seems to have several common themes. One is “if an individual who is willing to put in the hard work to get ahead and become prosperous” (your words, Col.). What about the many people in this country who, through some misfortune not of their own making, truly and honestly are not able to work? Are you saying that people injured at their jobs, disabled veterans, people in their 80s are not willing to work? Are you saying that illegal immigrants are not willing to work?

I would hate to see what would happen to our economy if all Mexicans would be deported. They are among the hardest-working people I have ever witnessed at the workplace.

We have in this great country of ours a very complex and diversified society. We can no longer rely on outmoded economic systems such as “trickle-down economics.” But does that really mean capitalism should be discarded? Of course not! But we need to face reality and realize that this is still a nation of have and have-nots. We still have an economic situation where the “haves” are not willing to voluntarily share with the have-nots. Warren Buffett and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gates are among many outstanding exceptions. Does this mean the government should force the top 1 percent to share? Does this mean we should turn to Socialism?

Of course not. But I just don’t see that the privileged few in this country “get it.”

In further reference to baseball, right-wingers, if you play right field by standing right on top of the right field foul line, everyone else is playing left field in relation to you. You are certainly no friend to the pitcher, and you’re not a team player.

In the first paragraph, you attempted to equate Tom Carper and the Delaware Democratic Party to Democratic Socialism. Par for the course in typical Republican propaganda, but I really found that offensive!

Having checked with the Delaware Department of Elections, I found there is no Democratic Socialist Party registered in Delaware. Neither is the Socialist Party registered. Furthermore, upon scrutiny of the description you gave for the Socialists’ platform leaves me a little skeptical. (“Socialism will establish a new social and economic order in which workers and community members will take responsibility for and control of their interpersonal relationships, their neighborhoods, and the production and distribution of goods and services.”) Are you kidding me?

What American citizen in their right mind would vote for a platform like that? Workers will form a new order to take control of their interpersonal relationships? That sounds like a ploy to promote fear and paranoia among Democratic voters. Nice try.

Phrases such as “workers will take control” and “control of interpersonal relationships” suggest to me a system of mind control. That’s kind of scary isn’t it? Socialism is supposed to be an economic system? Yet mind control is a symptom of a totalitarianism form of government, not an economic system. By strange coincidence, isn’t it funny that every Communist government that ever existed needed to be totalitarian in order to keep it in power. What’s not so funny is that it doesn’t have to be Communist to be a totalitarianism form of government. Remember the Nationalist Socialist party of Germany (1933-1945)? Are you sure you didn’t get the above-mentioned platform confused with the Communist party?

In reference to Social Security and the great Franklin D. Roosevelt, I return to my previous reference to individuals in our society who get a bad break. The stock market crash and its resulting depression put the United States in a crisis of massive proportions. Capitalism failed like it never had before. President Hoover remained in office for another two-plus years. Did he accomplish anything to stop the economic chaos? A strong leader was badly needed to pull us out of the Depression, a crisis not as epic since the Civil War.

The strength we needed came as a result of FDR’s election in 1932. With his presidency came the New Deal, Social Security, the WPA, the CCC, the dam projects, etc.

With the realization that FDR was often criticized for these programs, he was erroneously referred to as a Socialist because of these programs, and that his New Deal did not end the Depression as much as WWII did. We need to consider just how many in this country alone would have died of starvation if they had not been employed by such programs such as WPA and the CCC.

As for the colonel’s remarks about Medicare never being fully funded, I found it strange as I have been receiving it for several years. Combined w/ Tricare for Life, our family has had better health care than any privatized system we had previously. Perhaps the colonel was thinking about health care privatization when he referred to “bureaucrats” who don’t care about patients’ lives, and especially how much it costs.

Doug Miller

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