LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Distribute Delaware pay increases in a fairer fashion

Sure didn’t take much time for our state officials to use money from the budget for giving pay raises and bonuses to state employees.

Some money went to good causes like education, additional teachers and to other areas. Teachers get a paltry pay increase, which is nice but a far cry from what they deserve.

Our state legislators should spend a day in classrooms to really see what teachers provide, give and endure so next time maybe our legislators and Gov. Carney won’t be so stingy with their pay increase.

One segment of teachers who get left out entirely are substitute teachers. The state sets the pay scale for substitute teachers and in some cases the hiring is farmed out to third parties, but school districts still set the pay scale. Substitute teachers are really dedicated but seldom appreciated or rewarded. Where’s their pay increase?

What about Delaware’s pensioners? These are the people who put 20 to 40 years or more into making Delaware what it’s become. Yet they receive no increase in their pension. It’s very unfair to ignore the financial needs of retirees during their golden years. Their cost of living has gone up, but unfortunately the pensioners and substitute teachers will have to endure another year without a pay increase.

Hobson White

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