Letter to the Editor: Dogs on beaches

The summer months are now upon us, and, for many locals, this means that it is time to enjoy the lesser-known beaches of the state. Beaches such as Kitts Hummock and Bowers, among many others, create a quieter, more accessible, and less crowded place for locals.

Due to their less crowded nature, these beaches are prime locations for people to take their pets in the evenings. However, more recently a few busy bodies who live at these beaches have taken a stand against these innocent activities. I have personally witnessed several dog owners being accosted on beaches by those who feel that dogs don’t belong there, despite the dogs themselves causing no problems and their owners acting responsibly when picking up after them.

Why the hostility? If people want to have fun with their well behaved dogs on the beach without bothering anyone else and are acting responsibly by cleaning up after them let them. There is no need to ruin other people’s fun on Delaware’s lesser known beaches.

Jack Heavner

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