LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Don Allan is a voice for all of us

Here in the 36th District, we are lucky to have two great candidates running to be our state representative. Both are men with families and long ties to our community.

The question then comes down to, who to choose? A comparison of both has led me to the conclusion that Don Allan is our best choice.

Candidate Bryan Shupe began his career by pursuing political science as his college degree. He then went to work for, in his words, a “statewide political party” for several years. When he became Milford’s mayor, I knew in my heart that this was a stepping stone to better things. Two terms later, as I thought, he is on to higher aspirations.

But a career in politics does not guarantee a full understanding of what people are living day by day. You may be able to state the facts and figures in a polished manner, but are you willing to legislate in a manner that will benefit all of your constituents and not just the Republican Party? This is what I am worried about.

Don Allan, on the other hand, has spent his life as a carpenter and raising a family; all while worrying about taxes, our declining environment, and how he would keep a roof over his family’s head, just like many of us in the 36th. As a candidate, Mr. Allan has been open to listening to his future constituents by relentlessly knocking on doors since February, including the doors of Republicans who would regularly endorse Bryan Shupe.

So why would he do this if he was not interested in representing all of the people regardless of political affirmation? I believe it is because he has a sincere desire to know how his future constituents want him to represent them. What Mr. Allan lacks as a polished politician, he makes up for by being an earnest listener and a hard worker who desires to protect our state and the future of our children.

Mr. Shupe talks a party line while Mr. Allan speaks from his heart. Mr. Allan speaks for the ordinary people, like us. I ask that on Nov. 6 you please consider voting for him.

Denise Curtis

EDITOR’S NOTE: Democrat Don Allan is facing Republican Bryan Shupe for the 36th District Representative seat.

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