Letter to the Editor: Donate to Interfaith Mission

About the Dover Interfaith Mission for Housing using a former motel near Felton, some State News readers worry about the lack of transportation at that location. If the news article didn’t discuss transportation needs maybe that’s because they, the mission, have a handle on it.

Well, here’s a thought — how about donating a vehicle. I did.

It was my 1997 Blazer I used for work and with over 200,000 miles on it, you could call it a beater, an rightly so. But the engine ran nicely, didn’t burn oil. It had heat but no working A/C, and had recently passed DMV inspection. I drove it for years without a working A/C so that wasn’t an issue.

As long as we’re talking about donations to the mission, when my father died, we kids had his furniture to clear out of his retirement home. It was all usable stuff; tables, chairs, desks, dressers, lamps, etc. It all went to the mission. I was told it would be given to the men as they transitioned out of the shelter into their new homes where they might otherwise have no furnishings.

So, maybe you could call the mission, ask them what they need. I’ve even donated coats that I no longer wore. Just look around your house.

James Webster

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