Letter to the Editor: Don’t judge

Reflecting on the opinions of various lifestyles with raised eyebrows, looking down noses, judgment, speculation, piously spewing what one wouldn’t do or couldn’t accept …

As difficult as it may be to imagine, the very circumstances and situations looked down upon or taken for granted could very well happen to each of us or our loved ones. A person is only one bad decision away from, for example,

A criminal act should one opt to choose, in the heat of the moment, to reciprocate the irrational behavior displayed by an obnoxious public nuisance as opposed to maintaining integrity.

Being neglectful of self and/or children when in times of crisis and mayhem due to the perils and expenses of illness, overwhelming financial challenges, or even the potentially harsh rigors of daily life. Rather than to identify and employ ways to cope with said issues, shutting down and giving up is the decision that ultimately leads to adverse results.

An unhealthy relationship, if continued even after all the red flags have been exposed. Love, obligation, loyalty, perseverance are examples of what can prompt a dark trajectory of abuse, alienation from friends and family, drug usage, or even criminality/prison.

The moral of the story: Don’t judge. One bad decision and …

Dianne Scott

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