Letter to the Editor: Don’t look down on homeless

Why are homeless people always discriminated against? I realize that many homeless people here in Dover make the population look bad for those of us that are homeless because we fell on hard times!

It’s so upsetting for society to categorize; judge as well as discriminate us! Many of us aren’t addicts, drunks etc.! I’ve reached out to city officials, state officials and no one acts like they even care enough to help! Take it from me, some one who had what we call a good life; lost everything that I had and ended up in a tent! Stop judging! Stop stereotyping! Stop acting like you’re better than we are; because you’re not!

In reality; many of you that judge us are steps away from homelessness yourselves! If you’d like to speak with me face to face; you can do so! I can be contacted via email at stevenhall481@gmail.com. I welcome all suggestions or any source of help that you can give me! If all you’re going to do is criticize me; don’t email me! Don’t look down on a man/ woman unless you’re helping them up!

Steven W. Hall

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