Letter to the Editor: Don’t overlook female veterans

I belong to a car club, The First State Corvette Club, which sponsors Home of The Brave which gives housing and guidance to our needed veterans. I’m proud to do this as all the members are.

In December 2012, the first home for women veterans was opened. Some of these female veterans come with children — an added problem. I couldn’t believe it as yet again, woman are second-class citizens. It’s the 21st century and we still aren’t treated equal.

The women’s house is solely run by donations. Not the men’s housing, they are funded by the federal government and donations.

Why are the female veterans who served their country proudly not funded? Don’t you have a daughter, niece, sister or aunt who served their country? Wouldn’t you want equal rights for them?

It’s time to help the women who served. I need your help to do this. It’s time to treat all veterans equal. After all, they gave their life for us. And now they need us. Let’s be there for them.

A very patriotic woman,
Linda Cooke

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