LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dover DMV shares an inspirational message

Greetings. Chaplain Mr. Positive here to share a positive word with my fellow positive readers. On Jan. 13, I went to DMV, Dover, to renew my driver’s license for five more years and I did not remember that it did not open until noon on Wednesdays. It was about 11:30 a.m.

When I got there, there were about seven people there: I; two couples — one with a 2-year-old; and a woman with a 4-year-old. I explained I was a chaplain and gave the kids stuffed animals to play with, and they had a good time.

Over time, a few people slowly came in, and I noticed this card that read “Kindness & Respect: Spread It Around!” on the counter of the window of the clerk in DMV, in a cardholder that was very unique, and I took a couple and read one.

I was very impressed with this card and was talking to a couple in the front of the room about the card, and others were listening and got involved in our conversation, agreeing with the concept of passing this card on to others. Of course, you all know how quiet I am, so, we were having a good time, even the guards.

Suddenly, a couple came up to me and noticed by my cap I was a chaplain, and asked if I would say a prayer for them. They told me what they wanted to pray for, and I shared that they must be sincere for what they ask for and began to pray for the woman and her mate.

They said they would make an effort for 2016 to change. The crowd was quiet, and when I said “Amen,” and gave them a hug, I heard some “Amens” in the crowd. It was powerful, and what was also awesome was when the door opened, may of the people let us that were there first go in, like the card was talking about.

I took an extra card and got 500 cards printed for $9.95. I then put my website and non-profit on the back, www.positiveeaglessoarinc.com, to inspire and encourage others to do the same. They can use their church, school or business name to promote positive attitude.

DMV is doing this by sharing the concept of getting people to show respect on the road by:

A. Turning high-beam lights down when they should be using low-beam lights.

B. Not tailgating people on the road, but leaving space to stop safely.

C. Controlling anger and allowing for slight mistakes people make that we all do at times.

D. Using turn signal when turning in front of drives when needed.

E. Turning lights on in dark, fog, rain so vehicle can be seen.

F. No texting, or cell phones without earpiece

There are many more. Read the drivers book!

None of us is perfect, but if we try harder to remember, we can do better.

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.” — Edmund Burke

Chaplain Al Kraft

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