LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dover does have that much to offer

Ryan Yoder’s letter published in the Aug 1 Delaware State News, “Dover has that much to offer?” is in contrast to the letter printed from Col. Tyler Schaff,  commander of the 436th Mission Support Group, Dover Air Force Base, on the same day. (“Commander’s first impressions of Dover”)

Mr. Yoder misses the point that individuals are attracted to different things. Dover does not have the remarkable architecture of Gaudi found in Spain listed as an address in his letter, but for history buffs and military reunion groups it does have the Air Mobility Command Museum. Anyone not interested in nature anywhere in the world will not be interested in Bombay Hook.

Mr. Ralph Thompson’s outfit has evidence from research why people are willing to visit Dover and Kent County, if you let them know the gems here are worth seeing in areas of their specific interest. That is one reason Expedia, the travel site, listed Dover as the place to go in Delaware for a weekend getaway.

There are things that Google Maps doesn’t describe. If you have not done so, check visitdelawarevillages.com. Promoting those things listed have paid dividends for Dover and Kent County taxpayers by bringing visitors here.

As a place to live? The colonial towns of Annapolis and Dover are very close in population size, but the cost of living in Annapolis is much higher and far less convenient than Dover. I find Dover is a very comfortable and livable city. That doesn’t mean I still don’t root for the Ravens or Orioles, teams representing the city of my birth.

Fred Neil
3rd District, Dover City Council

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