Letter to the Editor: Dover library armed guard idea ‘ludicrous’

While reading about Dover City Manager Donna Mitchell’s plan to station an armed security guard in the Dover library, I was left shocked.

The core of Mrs. Mitchell’s plan is that an armed guard would be necessary to ensure the safety of the library patrons and staff in the face of “serious safety threats” which consist primarily of homeless people being generally bothersome and unruly.

Not only does the library currently have three police cadets assigned to keep order, but this armed guard would cost city taxpayers $85,000 per year. For what!? What is an officer with a gun going to do that three police cadets cannot do already? Is the intention that we shoot homeless people for causing disturbances and making patrons uncomfortable? I hope not.

This money could be much better spent on programs which assist the homeless so that they don’t linger around the library in the first place and/or policy which better utilizes the police cadets that are already stationed there. Ms. Mitchell, this is a ludicrous idea and I sincerely hope you use your judgment to develop a plan that would be more beneficial for all parties involved.

Jack Heavner

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