Letter to the Editor: Dover Lodge/Temple contributes much to the community

The Dover Elks Lodge [Pride of Dover Elks Lodge 1125 and Pride of Dover Temple 784] has been a moral fiber for the associated community, Kirkwood, Cecil, Fulton, Queen streets, for more than 40 years. The brothers and daughters, as they are known, are taxpayers, fathers, mothers, working professionals, law-abiding citizens, churchgoing and, most of all, loyal to the cause for which they have obligated themselves — community.

This outstanding organization has planned and provided several events for both seniors and youth of this community.

•Cotillion – This is where two candidates will be selected to represent lodge/temple.

•Two educational scholarships were provided to several youth each year — over $400 this year.

•The Lodge/Temple allows other civic organizations [to] utilize space for their meetings.

•We visit numerous churches in community because we are committed to reaching individuals spiritually, as well as in the community.

•The Lodge/Temple provides eyeglasses for underprivileged youth in our community — conservation-of-sight program.

•The Lodge/Temple hosted a voters registration drive.

•Holidays, memorial services and special events are supported by Lodge/Temple.

•Mr. Charles White’s mother needed steps repaired so that they would provide safe access, and Lodge/Temple did so without hesitation. We also have assisted other persons in the community throughout the years with household repairs.

•The Lodge/Temple continues to give food and household items to individuals/families within our community. We also have a food drive that supports this endeavor.

• The Lodge/Temple works with other organizations to better serve its community. It will be hosting an annual neighborhood organization day — the event will provide community with hot dogs, popcorn, snowball machine and kids returning to school for new year, book bags filled with needed school supplies.

In short, the Dover Elks Lodge/Temple has been associated with bad rumors not from within, but, as in most cases, those negative trends which are always cleaving upon good principal. The Elks Lodge/Temple has done numerous kind deeds for its community. It’s been the nature of Elkdom throughout its existence in Dover to offer its thoroughness to the people.

We have P.R.I.D.E. in our accomplishments because P is for Partnership: we are committed [to] working in partnership with the community and each other to identify and resolve issues which impact our organization. The R is for Respect: we are committed to respecting individual rights, human dignity and the value of all members of the Elks and in the community. The I is for Integrity: we are committed to nurturing the public trust by holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards of professionalism and the Order of Elks of the World. The D is for Dedication: we are committed to providing the highest of professional service to the community with the goal of enhancing the quality of life within the City of Dover, Delaware. The E is for Empowerment: we are committed to empowering our members and the university community to resolve problems by creating an environment that encourages solutions that address the need of the community.

May the people of Dover continue to share our presence as we theirs …

Willie Alexander

Exalted Ruler, Pride of Dover Elks Lodge 1125

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