LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dover Park revitalization effort a waste of time

Several years ago, while with the City of Dover Office of the City Engineer, we laid out the new park on White Oak Road. It was a nice park; it was called Dover Park, but we called it “Whiteoak Park.” The modern building had a fireplace, a conversation pit, a large room with a stage for performances, restrooms, offices and rooms for meetings and classes.

The grounds had a field large enough for football or soccer games, a wooded area with picnic tables, a diamond for softball or baseball, and tennis courts. It was a park for all of Dover.

Later, however, while staking out a storm drainage system, we noticed the woods had, unfortunately, become taken over by drug dealers, and it wasn’t an area for families or picnics.

Today the building has been demolished because the city didn’t do routine maintenance and repair, the playing fields are unused, the picnic tables have been broken up, and the area is a magnet for drug deals and use, and vagrants. But not to fear.

Our council, in its infinite wisdom, wants ideas for the “revitalization” of the park.

Excuse me, but that “park” has had its day. It was well-intended and had something for everyone. If it wasn’t utilized before,

I can’t imagine it will be in its “revitalized” form. Bulldoze it, city, like the building, sell the land and admit it was a mistake.

I hope I’m wrong, and that parkland will become what it was intended and laid out for. Maybe future generations will use and enjoy it. But to this old-timer, our illustrious city council is wasting its time.

Doug Van Sant

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