LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dover smoking ban draws unfriendly fire

After sitting and observing the last Dover City Council meeting [“No Smoking! Tobacco ban to extend beyond the grounds of Dover’s library,” article, Aug. 9], I was kind of taken aback by one councilman’s (Anderson) comments regarding promoting cigarette smoking and marijuana usage on city property and parks after a lengthy debate on banning smoking on city property.

It confused me why one of our city leaders would be promoting a still-illegal substance (marijuana) on city property and the hazards of cigarette smoking, which is harmful to one’s [own] and others’ health. His comments made Dover city government sound and look like a joke, and, to say the least, unprofessional.

I am thankful to Councilman Roy Sudler for his leadership and efforts in protecting the health of our citizens in Dover through introducing this smoking ban on city property, which is a must for the public’s health.

It has been a proven fact through evidence that smoking causes serious health conditions, from various cancers to COPD [chronic obstructive pulmonary disease] and emphysema to death, all directly and through indirect secondhand smoke.

Councilman Mr. Anderson said, at this meeting, it’s the right of the people to smoke. Well, what about the rights of those that don’t smoke, Mr. Anderson? Again, thank you, Councilman Sudler, and those who supported the ban.

Howard Williams

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