Letter to the Editor: Earn the right to be here

It seems that absolutely nothing can be done to stop the never-ending influx of illegal immigrants. At least nothing that our irresponsible leaders are able to do.

Common sense would dictate that when a country has homeless veterans, and children, their care would be top priority. Obviously, that is not happening here. On a daily basis, handouts are given to those who enter our land illegally; instead of punishment, they are rewarded

In the meantime, our own are suffering. Our veterans earned the right to receive benefits and children, God love them, automatically have that right. Now, all we hear in the news is about the detainees suffering at the hands of uncaring Americans. Excuse me, there should not be any detainees. If you are not entering legally, turn around and go back home.

When you decide to enter the right way and give back to this country, instead of taking from it, you will be welcome with open arms. If you want to earn the right to share in the freedoms and benefits of this nation (without legal entry) go fight alongside our soldiers. Endure the hardships and time away from loved ones to protect our country and liberties we share.

Should you survive, then you have earned the right to be here. Otherwise, with all the respect I can muster, go home. Come back in the legal route or stay out. People who have fought, worked for and supported this country their entire lives sit back and watch as our elected leaders give away what is rightfully theirs.

I’m certainly not saying that we shouldn’t help immigrants. God knows this country was founded by many who escaped war and desolation. The difference is they did it the right way. They came to love and respect the country that accepted them and yet, shared their culture which enriched our nation even more.

They came with no other expectation than to be given an opportunity to earn their way. Their efforts and work ethic helped to shape this country and make it what it is today. We are a giving, caring nation. Unfortunately, the focus has been taken off the ones deserving of its generosity. Liberalism plays a huge part in the decline of enforcing immigration laws; as well as our government leaders being lax. This issue has become a broken record that gets played over and over; adding more scratches, until one day, it can’t be played anymore.

One final question; what is the purpose of border patrol agents if they are not permitted to do their job? Shouldn’t they be allowed to deny illegal entry into this country? Isn’t that what they are paid to do? Obviously something is amiss here; the number of illegals has reached it’s breaking point. What now?

Debbie Hilton

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