Letter to the Editor: Earning respect should start with President Trump

Matthew, I applaud you for getting involved in the politics of our country and wanting us all to show respect, but I will forgive you because you are young and haven’t been through the decades of political shenanigans that I have. (“Respect missing from political discourse of left,” Letter to the Editor, Nov. 4)

As an independent, I have voted for members of both parties during my lifetime. You were able to pick candidates based on who they were and what they have done, and have reasonable discussions with folks who voted for the other guy. Before this administration, there was more bipartisan participation in government. Bills had yays and nays on both sides of the aisle.

Let me answer the question you posed: “When did it become OK to target physical features including skin color?” It began with the campaign of Trump. It was when he called Carly Fiorina “horse face” (using the same name to refer to Stormy Daniels recently), when he imitated a disabled reporter, when he called a woman a “pig”, when he said as a man in power he could do whatever he wanted to women, said folks had low IQs, were clowns, liars, etc. Everyone got a demeaning nickname.

Journalists are not the enemy of the people; they are professionals whose job it is to report the news and verify facts. Yelling “fake news” because you have been corrected is a bit childish. Have you not listened to his middle school degrading name-calling of opponents and leaders of foreign countries? This is a new low for politics; it has always been a mud-slinging fest, but not as awful as it is now.

Assuming that all folks on the left are disrespectful is just ridiculous. You state over and over how they are, where in each case in your letter, the same applies to the right. Respect starts at the top — the president should be setting an example of it, not the juvenile BS he is spewing. His moral compass regarding respect is pointing in the wrong direction. To say that most folks that have a different opinion than yours do not have respect is just wrong; making a generalization like that is just not realistic.

Finally, as for your vote count, Clinton won the popular vote with over 65 million votes, so fewer folks voted for Trump. With his “style,” he has alienated many citizens. A president should try to unite the country, but he only panders to his base and never reaches across the aisle or to anyone with an opinion differing from his.

Radical rhetoric is more his style, with quite a few made-up things thrown in. When people are spoken about in such a belittling, condescending manner, they tend to lose respect for the person saying those things. I agree respect needs to happen, but on BOTH sides. It is also something that needs to be earned.

Elaine Straughn

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