LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Easy fix to separated immigrant children

There should not be controversy over the immigrant children being separated from their parents upon entering the country illegally.

Illegal immigration should not be an issue; although it has been for a long time. Yes, it’s sad that children are separated from their parents, what is sadder is that our nation cannot or will not control illegal immigration. Illegal is illegal, what part of it don’t our leaders understand?

The children would not have to suffer through separation from parents if the parents did not come here illegally. Instead of our country granting entry, close the door. When the parents decide to gain lawful entry then the doors can be opened.

The two leaders citing the Bible on the issue have a point. To cite the Bible again I would add that; strangers and aliens will enter the land and try  to overcome it. Maybe that”s not word for word, but it’s close enough.

The point is an easy fix to all of this nonsense is to abide by the law and enforce legal entry into this country instead of skating around the law and causing more issues.  The problem only grows bigger when it’s not nipped in the bud.

Debbie Hilton

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