At a time when getting out there to vote is so important, on Nov. 6 elect Dave Wilson for the 18th District Senate seat.

As a small business owner, my husband and I know how important it is to have the support of your local elected officials. The start-up of a new business we knew would come with bumps in the road. Little did we know there would be more than a few.

When we reached out to our Rep. Dave Wilson he was not only compassionate for our concerns, he was also knowledgeable of what it meant to hit a road block and how it cost you money every moment not moving forward. Rep. Wilson was determined to get us answers and to get them quickly. He immediately reached out to the appropriate state departments and worked with them to get a quick resolution.

Growth of small business has always been at the top of Rep. Wilson’s agenda. Not only to Sussex County, but to Delaware. His dedication to the people of this state is why he is respected by so many. We don’t want or need elected officials who simply run for office for the title. We want individuals who distinguish themselves from the rest with their loyalty and dedication for the people of our great state of Delaware.

It has never mattered to Rep. Wilson rather you were a member of his district or not. If you were to go to him and ask for his help or advice, he has always done whatever it takes to guide you through your issue rather your are a member of his district or not.

We need a person who is the same individual whether it is at a fire hall dinner, standing in front of the entire Senate body for the state of Delaware, or attending church on Sunday. That’s who I see in Rep. Dave Wilson. Not a politician but a friend for the entire state.

Thank you Rep. Wilson for your service to the 35th District. Please join us on Nov. 6th to elect Dave Wilson to the 18th District Senate seat.

Rob and Kathy Tull

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