Honesty, integrity, and trust are the real ingredients the 11th Representative District needs in a state representative. Paul Thornburg fits this description.

Paul grew up in a military family and is a graduate of Dover High School. He wants to see Delawareans prosper. Paul has spent his life working to grow wages and improve the lives of working families through his position as a union teamster. Paul will bring the integrity and respect to Dover that his constituents deserve.

Paul will work to improve our infrastructure and encourage business investments and jobs in Delaware. He understands that an educated workforce attracts industry and high-paying jobs. He will work collaboratively with private-sector leaders, educational institutions and government to create new energy and pathways for economic success.

Paul supports the protection of all our constitutional rights, including our 2nd amendment right. He will work with law enforcement and education experts to insist on safe schools and communities.

Paul will truly listen and work on the issues important to the 11th District constituents. He’ll be more than just a recipe pusher. We unequivocally support Paul Thornburg in his bid for the 11th District state representative. Please join us on Nov. 6.

Erik Raser-Schramm
Chairman, Delaware Democratic Party

Lynne Newlin
11th District Democratic Chair

EDITOR’S NOTE: Paul Thornburg, a Democrat, is facing incumbent Republican Jeff Spiegleman for the 11th District Representative seat in the General Assembly.

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