LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Election may provide needed change of direction

We are now in the final phase of an election process for determining the next president of our country. Many voters are considering casting their votes based on their desire to stand on principle rather than an analytical, logical approach. Principle is a good thing relative to some decisions in life, but now, because of the desperate and dangerous situation our country is facing, every vote will be critical and important as to a final result.

At present, we have two major-party candidates, each questionable as to their qualifications for serving in this, once very honorable, presidential position. One has a proven record of past mishandling of information and verbal deception of certain actions which would, under normal analysis, be a cause for concern and doubt. The other major candidate has a business record and statements made regarding present issues that’s causing some, in the party he represents, to question, based on their feelings, his qualification.

I think it’s important to remind everyone regarding the last presidential election [that] more than 2 million Christian voters wouldn’t vote for Romney because he is a Mormon! If they would have voted for him, he may have won the popular vote and maybe the presidency. I say “maybe” because the Electoral College determines who will be president based on the committed positions of electors in each state. At the present time, that commitment, by state, favors the Democratic Party.

By now, it should be obvious to most that one of the candidates will, if elected, continue this country in the direction it’s currently on, while the other, who’s not totally committed to the party he’s representing, may, based on his background and business concepts, make some changes in the size, scope and direction of the government, resulting in a shift away from the present direction. If that were to happen, it could be the start toward bringing this nation back to its original concepts. I know it’s a “BIG IF,” but based on the present situation, that shift in direction is needed if we are to save what was once a very special place.

The debt, the growth of government, the obstructions caused by government rules and regulations, the effects of government involvement in our schools and everyday life, the breakdown of our borders and the misleading statements coming from our government have had a negative effect on this country, and, I believe, it’s time for a change.

That start toward change can only happen if voters, through their individual efforts to understand the candidates, vote for the one who most likely will try to do what’s necessary to start that corrective change. This is an election where every vote is important. I hope every voter will think seriously about our present situation before casting their vote.

Paul St. Andre
Ocean City, Md.

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