Letter to the Editor: Electric cars show promise for future

The Caesar Rodney Institute arguments [Delaware State News, Dec. 11] against electric vehicles assert that EVs reduce CO2 global warming emissions, but at too high a price.

The author says that a typical Bolt EV costs $19,000 more than an equivalent Chevy Cruze which emits tons of CO2 pollution resulting in a high cost per ton of CO2 reduced.

How soon he forgets that when mobile phones were first introduced, they cost a lot of money and didn’t have many features.

Fortunately, governments and some pioneers recognized the virtues in mobile phones and bought them, even if they cost more than a pay phone, which is about equivalent to a mobile phone.

Over time, technical improvements were made and volume sales lowered costs so that today, we have terrific mobile phones at a reasonable price. The same will be true of electric vehicles. Let’s give EVs a chance to prove their value.

The author claims that EVs only benefit the rich, asserting that the average family has income of $77,000 and thus can’t take advantage of the $7,500 federal tax credit for EVs or the average state tax credits. Who says that the average family can’t enjoy a $7,500 tax credit? The average family pays about $9,600 in federal taxes. A $7,500 federal tax credit looks very nice, even to middle class families.

Other nice features of EVs:

1. Electricity that electric vehicle owners use is made in the USA, which keeps our money in the US, rather than importing oil from despotic regimes in the Middle East like Saudi Arabia and elsewhere.

2. Transportation is now the largest source of CO2 emissions in the US, just passing coal plants. How else will we reduce those emissions if not with EVs? If other fuels can do the job of reducing our CO2 emissions, bring them to the track and we will see what they’ve got!

3. EVs also reduce other emissions from gasoline besides CO2, such as particulates and smog.

4. Electric cars are easier to manufacture and maintain. There are only 20 moving parts in an EV versus about 2,000 for petrol vehicles.

Signed by multiple owners of electric vehicles:

Martha Redmond
President, League of Women Voters – Sussex County

Bud Zimmerman

Don Foskey

Joan Flaherty

Charlie Garlow
President, Delaware Electric
Vehicle Association

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