Letter to the Editor: End the war on drugs

As fall arrives, our youngsters continue to fall in violence in the streets. Alcohol did not create Al Capone; prohibition created Al Capone.

At least twice a month I see an article or an editorial calling for “the” way to end the crazy, deadly shootings on city streets. The latest piece called for the clergy to become more involved in high-crime areas. Before that it was “revive the street crimes unit” of the police department. And before that it was calls for more “community policing” and for “zero tolerance” law enforcement … and the list goes on.

I shall repeat what I have been “shouting from the rooftops” for six years: none of these will solve the problem. There is only one way to greatly reduce crime, and the mayhem and the cost of the violence: end the “war on drugs”. At least one person has been listening to my “shouting”: Delaware’s next Attorney General, Kathleen Jennings, now agrees with this proposition. Alcohol did not create Al Capone; prohibition created Al Capone. Think about it.

It is long past time to undo all of the lies, the myths, the misinformation, and the outright propaganda put out by numerous government agencies – local, state, and federal – over the last 40 years in order to fuel the war on drugs.

Public officials should learn and share (it’s called “leadership”) the facts. Examine countries where ending this futile war has produced dramatic positive results, and thus really do something to reduce crime! We need less ink discussing ineffective suggestions, and a lot more ink to correct the tragically flawed record of the last 40 years. Then, and only then, will we see much less blood.

Mina E. Lofland

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