LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Endorsing Hosfelt

I am writing this letter to the Kent County residents residing in the 2nd District, in support of Commissioner Jim Hosfelt, who is running for Levy Court.

I have known Commissioner Hosfelt for a relatively short period of time, and am impressed with all that he has accomplished.

On a personal level, I and many other citizens have seen firsthand what Jim can accomplish.

The following is a clear example of what we have seen and will continue to see from Commissioner Hosfelt:

My husband and I visited the Sharon Hills Cemetery last August 21, 2017 to visit our loved ones, and found the conditions at the cemetery to be in a deplorable state.

After addressing the situation on Facebook and finding many people who had noticed the same situation, I started a page for the group. Commissioner Hosfelt immediately began his quest to assist us in getting the cemetery cleaned up. Before long, meetings were set up with city, county and state officials, to address these issues so close to our hearts.

Collectively, we have worked very hard to get cemetery legislation formed, and on Aug. 28, 2018, Gov. Carney signed the bill, holding for-profit cemetery owners responsible for the upkeep of cemeteries. Mr. Hosfelt was instrumental in seeing this issue through, and will remain an integral part of the future enforcement of the bill.

Additionally, Mr. Hosfelt has an outstanding record locally, being retired chief of police, member of the Delaware Homeland Security Advisory Council, and graduate of the FBI National Academy, just to name a few of his accomplishments.

Mr. Hosfelt has proven his ability to work successfully with officials of the opposing party to reach amicable solutions to some of the important issues of our town.

In my opinion, it doesn’t get any better than that. Isn’t this exactly the kind of person we want in elected office, helping to ensure a successful city? I believe it is.

Cheryl T. Young

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