Letter to the Editor: Enforce immigration system

Democrats in the recent past have already agreed to fund billions of dollars to construct a desperately needed southern border wall. The free flow of dangerous drugs, criminal and taxpayers being forced to pay to support tens of thousands of freeloading illegals must stop!

To obstruct and resist the president, who is finally the only one trying to get this wall constructed is spiteful and childish and demonstrates a lack of concern for the safety of law-abiding citizens.

The death of one more American because of an illegal alien will be the fault of any politician foolishly preventing the funding and construction of the wall.

By the way, what are you doing, have you done, to enforce our existing immigration laws, which do work? My wife, sister-in-law and friends becoming citizens are proof of it. Our immigration system is not broken, it is not being enforced.

Greg and Renate Motus

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