Letter to the Editor: Enforce the current laws

It is amazing that Democrats are so upset that some of their elected officials support pro gun instead of gun control. These people were elected to vote for the wishes of their supporters, not the agenda of the party.

As far as the Democrats saying there is majority support for anti-gun measures, why do they have to bus in protesters from other states to support them? If you want to get a handle on gun violence, pass laws requiring district attorneys and judges to prosecute gun crimes on the books today.

All they do is plea bargain away gun crimes to get a near 100 percent win rate. It never ceases to amaze me when I read an article that says an individual was apprehended for a crime and he or she is in possession of a weapon of a person prohibited.

If they were in jail for prior gun crimes, they wouldn’t keep showing up on our current police blotters. Common sense gun control would be to support gun laws we have already instead of trying to disarm lawful gun owners.

Larry Karchner

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