LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ennis endorses Lewis

In my capacity as a state senator and chairman of the Senate Adult & Juvenile Corrections Committee, I am pleased to offer this recommendation on behalf of Brian Lewis as he seeks to become the Kent County sheriff.

I have known Brian for over 18 years and believe with his experiences as a senior investigator officer for probation in New Jersey; a police officer in Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C.; an investigator criminal division in New Jersey and currently as a trainer educator/instructor for the state of Delaware at the Department of Corrections makes him the perfect candidate for Kent County sheriff.

Brian Lewis has demonstrated his strong leadership style and independent judgment during challenging and dynamic moments. Mr. Lewis is currently a Dover city councilman, a past Capital School board member and formerly served on the city’s Human Relations Commission.

His extensive background with the judicial system along with his leadership roles in the community more than qualifies him for this position.

Based on my personal experience and knowledge, combined with his impressive background, strong work ethic and good moral standing; I am pleased to offer this letter of recommendation on behalf of Brian E. Lewis to become the Kent County Sheriff.

Bruce C. Ennis
State Senator, 14th District

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